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March 22, 2010

Does God and Truth Really Matter?

Does God and truth really matter to the American people? Does God and truth really matter to people like David Plouffe, David Axelrod, and President Obama? Additionally, does truth really matter to Congress or to the U.S. news media?

How important is God and truth in the lives of average Americans?

I am posing these questions, here, for your for thoughts, personal discussion, and answers.

Should an unqualified person ever become our U.S. President and if the matter of this man’s qualifications was overlooked by Congress, our nation, and the news media … can this person truly govern our nation justly, righteously, within our laws, and do the right things that a more qualified and capable person might and ought to do?

Does a person’s qualifications matter? Can anyone become President of the United States of America and govern intelligently, fairly, and shepherd our nation skillfully as a democratic nation? Making the right decisions for all concerned and acting within our laws.

What’s the difference between a socialist nation and a democratic one? Are we a lawless nation?

Should we, the United States of America, be a democratic nation? What brought about our nation’s success, prosperity, and power in the world. Did God have anything to do with this or are we a godless nation? A nation not of laws, but a nation of men. To repeat, are we a lawless nation? And does this really matter?

Should any American President lie and cheat others, merely, in an effort to get his measures passed? Can man be honorable, righteous, and upright? What about a President who commits the act of murder and kills people via wrongful legislation and his actions as President done under the color of the law and/or intentional fraudulent interpretations of the law? This assumes that people are not fools and that our President acted not in our nation’s interest, but in the selfish interest of prolonging an illegal and unlawful war.

Is man pleasing and acceptable to God? Is Barack Obama a Christian? Was he born in Hawaii? Was there a massive cover up of the truth and his people, campaign manager, etal, knowledgeable about this and should be indicted and facing jail time?

Is President Obama’s health care reform truly health care reform? Is it well-thought-out and workable? Will it bankrupt our nation? Is this a smoke screen attempt to save Obama, Plouffe, and Axelrod from being indicted on federal charges by boosting Obama’s popularity?

If this truly is a measure that will bankrupt our nation, then it is one that Obama and his people know that it will have to be fixed down the road when our nation faces future debts. And therefore it has been rejected by every Republican in Congress. Is this not so?

Would any good and upright President drive our nation into debts that we can not pay? And why would he do such a thing? What is President Obama’s true intentions? Does anyone care or will we allow this measure to pass and lie about it later? Does anyone see more cover-ups of the truth by government and what kind of administration has the Obama administration proven to be?

Is there truly a god in Heaven? A truly good god, who will stand for true goodness and righteousness?

These questions above were posted on 03-21-2010.

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