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April 10, 2010

What’s It Like To Be China’s Current Emperor In Exile?

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In 1122 to 256 BC, my family ruled all of China and lived royally as the kings, queens, and princes of China. The Chin and Han Dynasties next rule China and it seems like those people who have been enlightened do rule the world. The Wei Dynasty comes to power and China divided for the very first time, governed by the Wei, Shu, and Wu Dynasties. This period is known as the three kingdom period in China’s history. The Wei Dynasty under Hsienbei tribe leadership next controls and unites China once again. My family integrates into the Hsienbei clan and people as part of their leadership long before their conquest of China and becomes their leading family.

The Wei Dynasty disintegrates, because they too are divided within their ranks.

The Sui Dynasty shortly comes to power. These people are also from China’s Chou Dynasty and are clan cousins to us. Not all people in China are related and China is and has been fractured so many times.

The Tang Dynasty conquers the Sui Dynasty by brutal and ungodlike force and sinful/unacceptable methods. In ancient times, even if man was without God and/or did not worship God, man still had a conscience. The Tang Dynasty did not and conquered the whole of China by murdering people with impunity. The Tang Dynasty ruled China for 289 years before the Chinese people were able to overthrow them 907 AD. China is still fractured and is ruled by five dynasties and ten kingdoms.

The Sung Dynasty, ruled by the Zhao family, whose most famous member is Zhao Kuang Yin from Zhuo Zhou county in Hebei province, related to us as clan cousins, unified China.

Mongolians, foreigners, were the next to conquer China.

The Chuns of the MIng Dynasty took back China and put China into Chinese hands once again. Only to be themselves be conquered by Manchurians, who set up the Ch’ing Dynasty.

The Ch’ing Dynasty is conquered by the Chinese people of the people’s revolution who now govern China from the year 1940 to present.


Question One: The main princes of the Manchurian Ch’ing Dynasty is still in existence abroad in Japan and in other locations. Should China revert to a monarchy system of government?

Question Two: Would most people support Manchurian rule over Han-Chinese people’s rule of China? Why or why not.

Question Three: If China’s Chou Dynasty (Jo Dynasty) were to surface under the communist regime of China, would Americans support the Chou Dynasty and China in their quest for truth and good government?

Question Four: How many people have read genealogy books in Chinese and discovered the truth and background ethnicity of China’s Chou/Jo Dynasty?

Question Five: Would you as an American or British citizen support China’s Chou Dynasty’s leadership of China along side of China’s present governing regime? Why or why not? I am looking for answers from qualified sources, government employees in positions of political decision-making or qualified positions in education.

Question Six: If you answer any of the above questions, what are your qualifications. Degree in what field and employment?

Question Seven: Did any of you get a chance to read the Zhongguo Tongshi Gangyao (Outline History of China) printed in the Chinese language?

Chinese Poem in English

“Here I sit, alone in my humble and poor abode, poor, and in poverty, with no one caring enough about China or about her affairs of state. If an esteemed and most honored gentleman of Chinese nobility becomes poor and is a beggar upon this earth, do you think that anyone will care? What is the true value of a Chinese king or emperor?”


The U.S. government supports dictators around the world, but if a truly good and upright man comes to power or has the heritage rights to the presidency of another nation and to its kingship. Would they care? Should we and/or our government care? Why and why not.

Can any man live alone and survive? Is man his own island and can we live in a godless world? Can man exist and should he exist knowing that his government is lawless and illegal? What kind of nation do we, Americans, live in? What of our press not publishing all of the truth of a major political affair or our government lying about our nation’s bankrupt state in an effort to look good and to rule. Are we the nation that we claim to be?

Is life a pyrrhic victory or losing battle? I would really like to know. Does anyone have a heart? I do and it cries loudly, from the tremendous, weighty, and burdensome pain it constantly and continually feels, every night. This is what it means to be emperor of the largest nation upon the surface of this earth!

Feel free to answer the above questions. But, be polite and do not slander or bad mouth other people or other posters. Everyone is entitled to publish their opinions as long as opinions are well-thought out and presented in a dignified manner and voice. And do not insult other people, please!

Postings which tend to go against these rules will be deleted and it’s my call as to what gets deleted!

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