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May 2, 2010

Would Americans And Others Accept A Chinese King?

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If a truly good man existed in this world, will Americans take to this man? Does a war exist between the forces of good versus the forces of evil? If so, where do Americans stand? Where do people of other ethnicities and nations stand?

Should China have a good king, a very solid and upright man, would Americans care? Would this man receive the support and backing of the U.S. government? Or would this man be hated by Americans to the point of them wanting him dead?

What would this man’s value be to a great, upright, and honorable United States of America?

Where would a good king stand on the many political issues facing this world? Would this man be impartial and upright? A fair judge, a man of god, a holy man, a true Christian, kind, merciful, upright, and a wise king? Chinese you say? Humm? Well, that’s a very hard thing for many Americans to believe.

Chinese are thought of as being strange, heathen-like, stupid, and dumb, low-life creatures, rather than being human in the eyes of most and many Whites.

If a truly good man existed or rose out of the ashes, would such a man be loved by American Whites and would the U.S. government support his administration of mainland China?

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