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Appreciating America

God’s Blessing For Me And For My Family:

It is so very nice to come to this very great country to experience God’s blessings and true love firsthand.

I and my family have, though, always been in poverty, an honest and upright family, always seeking God’s love and giving to others unselfishly and without reservation.

Doing so, sometimes, even when we have nothing for ourselves.

I do not know of another world leader who has been so dedicated to God, honest and upright in everything that he does. An integrity keeper and so very, very poor.

We Chinese (paternal Hebrew-Chinese) are very hard working people. Honest and upright and always trying to lend a helping hand to others no matter who.

Perhaps, there is a lesson in humility that a man must learn in order to one day govern the most populous nation in the world, doing so by God’s standards of righteous conduct. Leading a nation in peace and allowing God to guide us, rather than to pursue our own material ends, greed, ambition, and selfish conduct.

For any man to be in charge of 1.3 billion lives and to make the best decisions possible for such a large population is not always an easy thing. Learning to rely and depend on God, rather than one’s own device is a very humbling experience. I can only be the person that I am, humbly listening to many divergent views, and trying my best to fill a role approved by God.

Last of all, one does wish the best for one’s adopted nation and seeks no ill towards none at all.

–August 6, 2008 HIM Yao Sui
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