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June 26, 2008

Hello World!

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Welcome to HIM Yao Sui’s WordPress.com blog. Officially by the history of China and by the Han-Chinese imperial succession, I am Emperor of the nation of China residing abroad in the United States of America. This blog and website is my official website.

What my family’s heritage and what the Chinese imperial system is about is summarized at the following opening (main homepage) url: http://himyaosui.wordpress.com. We are China’s current Imperial family and the mission of our dynasty and family is to insure that China will always have good government. That government treats people fairly and that people will obey a righteous and upright government. The Chou, Shang, and Han dynasties of China are Shemite dynasties. These are people who were sinocized and conscripted into forced labor by Nimrod in ancient Biblical times in Shinar (Mesopotamia). Being true paternal Hebrews, it is their task, obligation, and love, today, to return the love of the true god to the Middle East and China. These are good people, upright people, people of God’s choosing.

Upright relations are sought with the United States of America and Western nations, so that God’s people may grow and prosper.

                                                                  (c) 1985 Lester D.K. Chow
                                                                  Lester D.K. Chow, family historian

(1) You may login and leave a short comment in the comment section of “Hello World!”, found at the very bottom of this page, as you would do in a guestbook. Please be polite. Leave your true name, occupation, website, and short comment. It would be nice to tell the world who you are and what you do for a living. If you prefer to remain anonymous or semi-anonymous that’s ok too. (2) You may leave a private message for me in my wordpress mail box or by e-mailing me (HIM Yao Sui) at guoclan at yahoo dot com.

Complaints may also be addressed to me in private and I will do my utmost to work with you in resolution of any differences or questions that you may have. Send e-mail to my yahoo.com address above. I never argue with people and I try not to debate. I am a people person and I try my very best to help people in every way that I can.

Please, additionally, send me your contact information, by e-mail, so that I might be able to reply. Send it to guoclan at yahoo dot com.

To avoid the yahoo.com spam catcher, please insert “HIMYS:” in the beginning of the subject line, before the title of your message. Example: “Subject: HIMYS: Happy To Have Met You Yesterday!” Further shown: “Subject: HIMYS: (title of your message)”

All comments in “Hello World!” are moderated and do not appear immediately.

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