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April 10, 2010

What’s It Like To Be China’s Current Emperor In Exile?

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In 1122 to 256 BC, my family ruled all of China and lived royally as the kings, queens, and princes of China. The Chin and Han Dynasties next rule China and it seems like those people who have been enlightened do rule the world. The Wei Dynasty comes to power and China divided for the very first time, governed by the Wei, Shu, and Wu Dynasties. This period is known as the three kingdom period in China’s history. The Wei Dynasty under Hsienbei tribe leadership next controls and unites China once again. My family integrates into the Hsienbei clan and people as part of their leadership long before their conquest of China and becomes their leading family.

The Wei Dynasty disintegrates, because they too are divided within their ranks.

The Sui Dynasty shortly comes to power. These people are also from China’s Chou Dynasty and are clan cousins to us. Not all people in China are related and China is and has been fractured so many times.

The Tang Dynasty conquers the Sui Dynasty by brutal and ungodlike force and sinful/unacceptable methods. In ancient times, even if man was without God and/or did not worship God, man still had a conscience. The Tang Dynasty did not and conquered the whole of China by murdering people with impunity. The Tang Dynasty ruled China for 289 years before the Chinese people were able to overthrow them 907 AD. China is still fractured and is ruled by five dynasties and ten kingdoms.

The Sung Dynasty, ruled by the Zhao family, whose most famous member is Zhao Kuang Yin from Zhuo Zhou county in Hebei province, related to us as clan cousins, unified China.

Mongolians, foreigners, were the next to conquer China.

The Chuns of the MIng Dynasty took back China and put China into Chinese hands once again. Only to be themselves be conquered by Manchurians, who set up the Ch’ing Dynasty.

The Ch’ing Dynasty is conquered by the Chinese people of the people’s revolution who now govern China from the year 1940 to present.


Question One: The main princes of the Manchurian Ch’ing Dynasty is still in existence abroad in Japan and in other locations. Should China revert to a monarchy system of government?

Question Two: Would most people support Manchurian rule over Han-Chinese people’s rule of China? Why or why not.

Question Three: If China’s Chou Dynasty (Jo Dynasty) were to surface under the communist regime of China, would Americans support the Chou Dynasty and China in their quest for truth and good government?

Question Four: How many people have read genealogy books in Chinese and discovered the truth and background ethnicity of China’s Chou/Jo Dynasty?

Question Five: Would you as an American or British citizen support China’s Chou Dynasty’s leadership of China along side of China’s present governing regime? Why or why not? I am looking for answers from qualified sources, government employees in positions of political decision-making or qualified positions in education.

Question Six: If you answer any of the above questions, what are your qualifications. Degree in what field and employment?

Question Seven: Did any of you get a chance to read the Zhongguo Tongshi Gangyao (Outline History of China) printed in the Chinese language?

Chinese Poem in English

“Here I sit, alone in my humble and poor abode, poor, and in poverty, with no one caring enough about China or about her affairs of state. If an esteemed and most honored gentleman of Chinese nobility becomes poor and is a beggar upon this earth, do you think that anyone will care? What is the true value of a Chinese king or emperor?”


The U.S. government supports dictators around the world, but if a truly good and upright man comes to power or has the heritage rights to the presidency of another nation and to its kingship. Would they care? Should we and/or our government care? Why and why not.

Can any man live alone and survive? Is man his own island and can we live in a godless world? Can man exist and should he exist knowing that his government is lawless and illegal? What kind of nation do we, Americans, live in? What of our press not publishing all of the truth of a major political affair or our government lying about our nation’s bankrupt state in an effort to look good and to rule. Are we the nation that we claim to be?

Is life a pyrrhic victory or losing battle? I would really like to know. Does anyone have a heart? I do and it cries loudly, from the tremendous, weighty, and burdensome pain it constantly and continually feels, every night. This is what it means to be emperor of the largest nation upon the surface of this earth!

Feel free to answer the above questions. But, be polite and do not slander or bad mouth other people or other posters. Everyone is entitled to publish their opinions as long as opinions are well-thought out and presented in a dignified manner and voice. And do not insult other people, please!

Postings which tend to go against these rules will be deleted and it’s my call as to what gets deleted!

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March 4, 2010

Witnessing to China’s 1.3 billion people

This is the greatest thing that any man can do in this time and era. According to the Time Almanac 80 percent of the population of the United States of America are Christian and 80 percent of the population of China is atheist.

If God were to destroy non-believers in the time of the end then many Chinese, if not the whole of China, will perish!

Should Christians not allow the preaching of God’s word in China as commanded in Matthew 28:19,20?

HIM Yao Sui

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U.S. Intelligence – musings

In looking at U.S. intelligence, from my own perspective and from my personal experiences, I would agree with current findings that our intelligence is too large, too many people, and that reporting is inaccurate and not well-coordinated, while we have the best intelligence gathering service in the world there exist serious flaws, which have yet to be repaired. Then the other large problem that exist is with the nature of man. If man is untrained by God, by the holy bible, man will always be wicked and evil (by God’s holy standards).

If I were President Obama or the director of national intelligence, I would train my men and make sure that they abided in God’s word. God of Shem, god of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Should the U.S. government fear any nation that resembled Canada or England? Should America fear any nation that resembled ancient Israel?

Matthew 28:19,20

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March 3, 2010

Emperor of China – potpourri


China’s current succession emperor is, first of all, a good man, a Christian and a loyal American citizen. His family lived here in this country for over 130 years. They migrated from China in 1871 to escape Manchurian persecution and certain death. China’s emperor and head of state in exile was informally the Bush White House negotiator who successfully secured Saddam’s agreement to withdraw his troops from Kuwait in 1990. It was the Bush administration that refused and China’s emperor and head of state’s story was never published in the press.

This man is an American and a Christian dedicated to God’s love and the bringing of God back to China, a land of 1.3 billion atheist. Should God destroy all of these people in the coming tribulation or should he save them?

Will the preaching work be opened up fully and China’s emperor’s family allowed to bring God’s word to the nation?

This world is truly amazing. Someone negotiates an end to the Iraq War and our current government regime does not approve, does not believe in the way things were handled. So, in an effort to resolve conflicts, they chose to go to war…illegally. They coax the truth and gain everyone’s acceptance. Everyone in Congress goes along with the plan and hardly anyone of any substantial means opposed.

Two million people are murdered and it is discovered that one’s enemy had no weapons of mass destruction. We, our nation, lied for nothing!

And the truth was never published.

Who is guilty?

A man who was an outcast all of his life and for most of his grandparents and parents, too, this situation existed. Knowing nothing about God and country, this man is elected to the highest office in the nation. His scandals are never published as other congressman’s scandals are. He is inexperienced and not qualified for office. He does not know what to do and does not have good judgment, yet he gets away with murder as his opponents and the press do not vet him. And still this man does not produce the desired results.

A good man mired in dirt desires to take God’s word to the darkest part of Africa. No one not one Christian or church volunteers to help this man.

He goes poor, hungry, and has nothing to eat. No one, in this great country of ours or as a matter of fact the entire world, cares!

Some man is able to alleviate our state’s oil shortage by speaking to our current President and to the president of the second largest oil producing nation in the world, but do you think that anyone cares?

Christ commanded his followers to go to the nations and preach. Telling people of God’s glory and coming. Telling people of God’s great love for mankind and that God will come to destroy mankind. Those who do not obey, those who are wicked, and those who do not listen to his message will be killed by God leaving only obedient man, mankind, to inhabit this earth.

How many churches preach these things?

If China’s emperor, a paternal Hebrew, wanted to gather people and churches to bring God’s word to China in an effort to save China’s 1.3 billion people, how many people, how many Americans, and how many Christians would want to help in view of God taking human life in judgment and destroying the earth, thereby, would help?

Would this man be left all alone? And die a martyr’s death?

How good are the earth’s people? How good are Americans?

This is my mission. Any takers (volunteers)?

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March 1, 2010

Emperor of China – Musings

Not many people know the background of China’s Imperial family. Not even college professors, history book writers, and scholars on China’s history. I was told, by a University of Hawaii, China scholar in Asian Library Science, that it takes about six full years or more, in addition to a PHd in Asian history and language, of study of Chinese classics before someone fully understands the background of China’s Imperial culture.

Then, too, Cantonese are so secretive that almost everything is hidden.

I took my family’s genealogy files and translated 4,000 years of Chinese genealogy into English and put this translation on the Internet at http://zhoudynasty.freewebsites.com

If I had a goal or desire, I would like to regain my family’s status in China and become President of China. I have four years of college in business administration behind me and a minor in world civilizations. There are many people in China better qualified than I to be President. Yet, what I have going for myself is the knowledge of four thousand years of culture, history, and genealogy; my American Christian roots; and whatever I have inherited from my father’s and mother’s side of the family. More a cultural identity that I have lived with all of my life and my Christian walk with Jesus and four solid years of college.

My perspective is that of an American of Chinese ancestry, which is not and does not come from China. Having been back to China, I had to do away with all of my American beliefs and traits just to fit into the culture. I was certainly afraid to leave back all of my American friends and travel mates to be with people from China alone for the very first time. This was sort of an immersion program for me of being in the Chinese culture and being a part of China.

I am a Christian and I hold to my roots and principles. God comes first in my life and I allowed his principles to guide me while in China.

There are some 300 to 600 family members in Hawaii and about 40 million to 60 million back in China. I was happy to find family and I toured China with them.

I fit in and I didn’t look out of place. I even ordered my own meals in Chinese.

While I am mostly of Han-Chinese blood, I am part-Manchurian, part-Mongolian, and part-Japanese. But, mostly of Han-Chinese blood on both my father’s and mother’s side.

My family’s Han-Chinese ancestry, from ancient times, consist primarily of Hebrew and Mede. And it wasn’t until Nimrod’s conscription, of my family and clan, that we were merged with his Han race of men, now, today called Asians. Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

I am related to China’s late Premier Zhou En-lai, President Chiang Kai-shek, and to Sun Yat-sen, founder of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and KMT Party, as they are my second-cousins and part of what the Chinese culture calls a four-horse team.

I am, also, related to Deng Hsiao-ping.

Unfortunately, I have no wealth of my own and I must scratch for every penny I get. This, in my opinion, is sad and no Imperial family member should ever be this poor. I will see to it, if I am ever installed in China, that family members are well cared for and never in poverty.

If you go to my official website, http://himyaosui.wordpress.com, you will get a sense of me, who I am and what I hope to accomplish.

Growing up in America can be a very good thing. And to go through the highs and lows of life teaches one a lesson to be learnt.

My administration in China, hopefully, will be good, upright, and righteous.

One needs to, I feel, stick to one’s principles and never lose sight of these things.

Yours for now,

HIM Yao Sui, officially by history and
Imperial succession, Emperor of China

Official website: http://himyaosui.wordpress.com
Family genealogy files: http://zhouclan.freewebsites.com

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