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March 1, 2010

Emperor of China – Musings

Not many people know the background of China’s Imperial family. Not even college professors, history book writers, and scholars on China’s history. I was told, by a University of Hawaii, China scholar in Asian Library Science, that it takes about six full years or more, in addition to a PHd in Asian history and language, of study of Chinese classics before someone fully understands the background of China’s Imperial culture.

Then, too, Cantonese are so secretive that almost everything is hidden.

I took my family’s genealogy files and translated 4,000 years of Chinese genealogy into English and put this translation on the Internet at http://zhoudynasty.freewebsites.com

If I had a goal or desire, I would like to regain my family’s status in China and become President of China. I have four years of college in business administration behind me and a minor in world civilizations. There are many people in China better qualified than I to be President. Yet, what I have going for myself is the knowledge of four thousand years of culture, history, and genealogy; my American Christian roots; and whatever I have inherited from my father’s and mother’s side of the family. More a cultural identity that I have lived with all of my life and my Christian walk with Jesus and four solid years of college.

My perspective is that of an American of Chinese ancestry, which is not and does not come from China. Having been back to China, I had to do away with all of my American beliefs and traits just to fit into the culture. I was certainly afraid to leave back all of my American friends and travel mates to be with people from China alone for the very first time. This was sort of an immersion program for me of being in the Chinese culture and being a part of China.

I am a Christian and I hold to my roots and principles. God comes first in my life and I allowed his principles to guide me while in China.

There are some 300 to 600 family members in Hawaii and about 40 million to 60 million back in China. I was happy to find family and I toured China with them.

I fit in and I didn’t look out of place. I even ordered my own meals in Chinese.

While I am mostly of Han-Chinese blood, I am part-Manchurian, part-Mongolian, and part-Japanese. But, mostly of Han-Chinese blood on both my father’s and mother’s side.

My family’s Han-Chinese ancestry, from ancient times, consist primarily of Hebrew and Mede. And it wasn’t until Nimrod’s conscription, of my family and clan, that we were merged with his Han race of men, now, today called Asians. Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

I am related to China’s late Premier Zhou En-lai, President Chiang Kai-shek, and to Sun Yat-sen, founder of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and KMT Party, as they are my second-cousins and part of what the Chinese culture calls a four-horse team.

I am, also, related to Deng Hsiao-ping.

Unfortunately, I have no wealth of my own and I must scratch for every penny I get. This, in my opinion, is sad and no Imperial family member should ever be this poor. I will see to it, if I am ever installed in China, that family members are well cared for and never in poverty.

If you go to my official website, http://himyaosui.wordpress.com, you will get a sense of me, who I am and what I hope to accomplish.

Growing up in America can be a very good thing. And to go through the highs and lows of life teaches one a lesson to be learnt.

My administration in China, hopefully, will be good, upright, and righteous.

One needs to, I feel, stick to one’s principles and never lose sight of these things.

Yours for now,

HIM Yao Sui, officially by history and
Imperial succession, Emperor of China

Official website: http://himyaosui.wordpress.com
Family genealogy files: http://zhouclan.freewebsites.com

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